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Painting Sacred Art has been a slow unfolding inner experience since 1968. For years I kept paintings I called "visual meditations" hidden. There was a sense that if anyone saw them they would see my soul, which would then be open to scrutiny. Since my spirituality is deeply personal, this caused a major conflict. My transition came when others, sincerely moved by the art, saw a "portal of entry" for their meditation. As people began commissioning me to paint their "visual meditations," a strong desire to complete a body of work about spirituality, using veils of color, movement and symbolism began.

I see the Sacred Artist as the vision keeper, preparing the planet for what will be a deep spiritual awakening. "AS ABOVE, SO BELOW." To bring the higher consciousness into the earthly plane through symbols, color, form and subject is the work of the Sacred Artists.

Ann Rothan



Copyright 2000 - 2004, Ann Rothan - Artist, Ft. Meyers, FL
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